Alchemising big data into usable insight with IntentHQ

IntentHQ have long been pioneers within AI and Customer Experience big data, with a host of blue chip clients and an exciting pipeline of new solutions to articulate

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Although IntentHQ’s AI engine consisted of some of the smartest data engineering in the market, it was almost as difficult to understand. There was a real business need to find a way of explaining its capabilities in a way that was easy for prospects to understand and simple to buy into.


Early worked closely with the IntentHQ team over the course of a number of workshops to define the core message and propositions at the heart of the IntentHQ platform. The creative team then storyboarded, scripted and animated a full length and bitesize social media animation, bringing the magic of the technology, and its value to prospects, to life.


  • 6-minute animation
  • 1.5-minute social media edit
  • Internal launch


  • A flagship brand asset that was given centre stage of  the IntentHQ AGM, delivering a new and exciting vision to the IntentHQ’s global team.
  • Market cut through within the existing sales pipeline, with meetings generated following the socialisation of the animation.
  • A number of upsell opportunities within the existing client base.