The ‘New Year, New Me’ phenomenon has been plaguing social media for yet another year. Going to the gym, being a vegan or swapping G&Ts for a lime and soda, won’t change the world, but it will make you feel good. Good that is, until your friend Sarah convinces you to drink at her birthday party, you make a late-night trip to McDonalds and spend the next week on the sofa and nowhere near a treadmill. ‘Preachy New Year’s Resolution-ees are the worst, especially those who succeed and look down on you for caving when you spy a big piece of chocolate cake. The concept, however, is nothing to snub. Taking a long hard look at yourself and acknowledging the room for improvement is no bad thing, and the New Year is the best time to start a fresh and turn over a new leaf.

My question?

Why don’t we take the same approach when it comes to business?


Once we’ve established a protocol, it’s easy to get set in our ways. Next time you know it 10 years have passed, your office is full of back-dated paperwork, you have zero social media presence and your website is from The Land Before Time. So, as cliché as it is, here’s three steps to doing New Year, New Me the right way:

  1. Be more fashion. In the fashion world, seasons change and items that once rocked the run way, end up in in the charity shops a few months later. This same thing applies to your company’s brand. The world of graphic design is often overlooked but just as double denim has made a resurgence, so have those 80’s and 90’s fonts. This isn’t a suggestion that you should model your company on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (few people can pull off those outfits), however taking a look at where your branding is dated, and where it can be updated, will be nothing but beneficial.


  1. How well do you really look after your customers? The internet is a marvellous thing, however in a world where you can get anything you want at a click of a button, finding the right solution to your problem can often be overwhelming. It also makes it easy to look elsewhere. Like a slimy dating app, the internet offers people the chance to look at what’s on offer and see if there’s anything taller, more tanned and better endowed. My advice? Don’t give them reason to. So, re-evaluate your relationship, take your clients for lunch, protect the most valuable with ‘random’ acts of kindness, remember their birthdays and go above and beyond to reassure them that you are the best.


  1. Social media is fast becoming the greatest asset to any company whether you’re a FinTech start-up or top consumer brand. So, do it, and do it good. Give your followers valuable information, share interesting articles, beautiful pictures and be thought leaders. But don’t forget, it’s easy to shout into the ether. You might think that the stuff you’re sharing is top-notch but there’s no point if no one is reading it. Your social presence needs to go both ways, get involved with your customers social media, comment on their articles, photos and posts. Interactivity is key to success and these platforms are the perfect place for it.


It’s not too late, get in touch and find out how EarlyWMC can help you start 2018 with a bang.